Monday, October 03, 2016

Stung (2015)

What makes a good killer bug flick? What makes a bad one? And, most aptly here: what makes a movie about giant killer wasps just... okay?

First, the plot: A fancy garden party is attended by the mayor (Lance Henriksen!), a bunch of other blink-and-you'll-miss-them characters, and a couple of caterers, Paul and Julia. After the family dog digs a hole that unearths an underground hive, killer wasps erupt and start attacking everyone.

But you don't just get STUNG by these bad boys. Once you've had contact with their stinger it's just a matter of time before a huuuuge bug bursts out of you.

You have a little something in your teeth...

The best part is the first eruption. The wasp decides to come out of a poor lady's mouth, splitting her head in half in the process. Said bug then comes literally face to face with Paul (Matt O'Leary) while the woman's husk of a head is still hanging off it.

And yet, something about Stung just didn't capture my imagination, and it struggled to hold my attention. It's got gooey practical effects, splendid gore and wet clicky bug sounds. But that's really all I can think of to recommend it.

I spoke in my last review of being out of practice hoping more than one character survives to the end of a horror film. Well this one made me feel kind of ambivalent about anyone making it out alive.

The characters aren't bad as such, just not particularly interesting enough or despicable enough to sway me in either direction. Paul starts as a boob obsessed, dopey stoner man-child and becomes brave; Julia starts blandly pretty and becomes brave and prettier. Then they kiss.

My notes say "the kiss at the end of Tremors I really wanted to happen. This one I just wanted over with." 

It should have ended when they crashed the car.

🍺 For this film I was sipping on... 🍺

Punkin Ale by Dogfish Head 
It's a school night so I "only" had two (they are 7%!) but this film would probably benefit from the viewer drinking more. Taste wise this is a little on the bitter side for me. It's a brown ale, something I'm not usually a fan of, and even though I'm definitely getting the spices (allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg) coming through, it's not ringing my bell. I'd give it 2/5.


  1. "My notes say 'the kiss at the end of Tremors I really wanted to happen. This one I just wanted over with.'" Tremors is amazing. That's so awesome that you mentioned that. Great review, too. If I ever do watch this, I'll be ever so wary.

  2. Thanks Joe! Tremors is the best! :D