Monday, August 28, 2017

The most wonderful time of the year... 👻💀

It's nearing October (well, close enough) and my thoughts are therefore OBVIOUSLY turning to this year's list of movies. Last October was sooo much fun that I've decided I definitely want to do it again: At least a film a day; as many reviews as I can possibly do from that number.

So here's a list of what I have so far, culled from titles that've caught my eye on various streaming services, plus new releases I haven't had chance to see yet. What do you think?

October 1st (Sun)The Void
October 2nd - The Blob (1988)
October 3rd -
October 4thBeyond The Gates
October 5th - Lumberjack Man
October 6th (Fri) - Gerald's Game // Prince of Darkness
October 7th (Sat) - Shelley // Antibirth (effed up pregnancy double bill!)
October 8th (Sun) - Back Sheep // The Strangers
October 9th - The Collector (2009)
October 10th - The Boy
October 11thThe Prowler
October 12th (my birthday!) - Get Out
October 13th (Fri) - IT (2017) - at a drive-in!
October 14th (Sat) - Train To Busan // Cabin Fever (2002) // Hostel
October 15th (Sun) - The Craft // (They're Watching - turned it off) // The Midnight Meat Train
October 16th - Pet Sematary
October 17th - Baskin
October 18th -
October 19th - Raw
October 20th (Fri) - Maniac // Body Bags
October 21st (Sat) - Return Of The Living Dead
October 22nd (Sun) - Saw // Saw II // A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
October 23rdThe Girl In The Photographs
October 24th - Psycho (on the big screen!)
October 25thJason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI
October 26th - The Blood Lands // The Walking Dead
October 27th (Fri) - Hostel: Part II // Stranger Things 2!!! (2 episodes)
October 28th (Sat) - Saw III // Saw IV // The Silence of the Lambs // Trick 'r Treat // Cube
October 29th (Sun)Stranger Things 2 // Resident Evil: Extinction
October 30th - The Exorcist // It Follows
October 31st! - Evil Dead II // Army of Darkness (on the big screen ❤)

Tales of Halloween
The Wailing
Willow Creek
He Never Died
Let's Be Evil
I Am Not A Serial Killer
Scream Queens
The Eyes Of My Mother
Halloween III: Season of the Witch