Thursday, September 28, 2017

a tough month to be good.

Picked up The Strangers and The Return of the Living Dead* on DVD recently, due to the fact that Walmart currently has two pretty great displays of repackaged horror. All for pretty reasonable prices, too.

Left: Art cards and colouring books. Right: Glow in the dark!

Here's a close up of Tarman who never fails to make me smile...

So the new art is on a cardboard insert (perfect for framing) and each of these DVDs/blurays comes with a colouring book by the same artist: Orlando Arocena.

Return... was already on my October list, but a rewatch of The Strangers will have to be squeezed in somewhere!

*This is actually my second purchase of Return of the Living Dead this year. My first was this one, and the reason for that was a disc 2 chock full of extras, plus, yes, the adorable Tarman in amongst the rest of the mouth-watering artwork. Basically what I'm saying is, I'm a sucker for Tarman.