Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Hello! And pushing the boat metaphor a little too hard, perhaps.

Oh Final Girl, not only were you inspiration behind my starting this blog, but you too have been going through a horror dry spell lately!

...You see, I started Final Girl to talk about horror movies I love (even if they stink), not whatever happens to be coming out on DVD next month. It should go without saying, but I will say it anyway: this does not mean that I am railing against new horror, or that whatever happens to be coming out on DVD next month isn't going to be wonderful. It just means that hey, writing can be difficult, watching movies you don't really want to watch can be difficult, and I just. Burnt. Out.
And boy do I mean it! Believe me, I haven't been, you know, watching a shit ton of horror and not telling you about it; I've probably seen...mmm, four scary movies? maybe?...since I last posted here. (One of them was Mama and you know what? I really liked it. SO SUE ME.) Here's what is up: I try to give something in the genre a go- by which I mean I browse my Netflix queue- and everything looks the same. All the plot synopses sound alike. None appeal to me enough to give 'em a go. I think about sitting through them, and I start puking boredom out of my eye holes every time! And then I watch something else entirely, like a documentary or an episode of whatever (great show). Or I read or I play a video game. Or I draw some comics. Or I do anything besides watch a horror movie. 

Stacie says it better than I ever could. I am in the same boat. Or an adjacent one - or slightly behind her. Watching.

Anyway yes! Also add to the above a dash of real life getting real horrible there for a while, and you're left with me... Someone who simply can't be tempted by any horror movies even on the now rare occasions she feels like watching one. Sometimes you feel bleak enough already, without a movie providing that for you, you know?

I miss writing. I miss rolling around an opinion in my head and trying to articulate it. To be honest merely getting into conversations tonight about the new Evil Dead started me missing a horror dialogue in my life. I really do hope that my horror blogger mojo is in this boat with me somewhere!