Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Creep (2014)

Not the 2004 one set on the London underground after the last train - though I am fond of that one too! - this is an odd but ultimately satisfying little film from writers / directors / starring a couple of dudes by the names of Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass.

And I use the term "little" with consideration here, as this "found footage" flavour flick has a cast of two (not counting a voice on the phone).

Answering a vague Craiglist ad - for Craiglist is surely the beginning of a lot of hellish stories - videographer Aaron heads to a remote cabin for a one day filming job. He's met by eccentric (but, he assumes) harmless Josef, who leads him around telling tales and doing weird and faintly creepy things. 

Josef is strange from the get-go, but never really lurches too far into it to be all out scary. Thus, Aaron sticks around, films him, hears some strange shit and then tries to leave. After too much to drink and the night culminating in a scuffle, he gets away and tries to put the strangeness behind him. 

Only, he hasn't left it behind. Aaron keeps having strange dreams, hearing noises outside his apartment and most alarming of all, he's receiving packages from Josef, containing gifts and videos.

In a fit of exasperation and panic, he calls the police, only to realise when questioned that he knows absolutely nothing about Josef. He was paid in cash, never got a second name from him and that "holiday home" cabin turns out to be a rental.

Who is this guy and why won't he leave Aaron alone? Is he just a lonely person in need of a friend, with no sense of social cues - or is he something much more sinister? And what's with the wolf obsession?!

Creep is kind of a slow simmer with moments of high tension and some pretty effective scares. I am now five films into my Octoberfest of horror, and this is the first one where I've felt the need to brace myself because I was sure a jump scare was coming. Usually, it was!

This film's strength comes from the simplicity of the story and the portrayal of Josef himself. Duplass plays it with a dopey, earnest face that you find hard to think of as belonging to a bad guy.

But we know that's probably our first mistake ;)

🍺 For this film I was sipping on... 🍺

Pumpkin Ale by Saranac Brewing Co.
Three pumpkin beers into this and I am starting to wonder if I do indeed like pumpkin beer! I am sure I've had some in the past that I loved, but sadly this is not one of them. The quest continues... Again, I'd give it 2/5.

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