Friday, September 23, 2016

here for the boos.


We've a way to go before October... but it's definitely starting to feel more like autumn than summer now, and while indulging in my first pumpkin flavoured item of the season today, I had an idea.

As well as attempting to watch and review horror every day next month, I'm also going to enjoy some fine (I hope) pumpkin beer whilst doing so, and let you know what I think about those, too!

Pumpkin is a tricky flavour to master, so every October I sample a few to see who got it right. I thought it might be fun (and to be fair, I am taking more than a little inspiration from the True Crime Garage podcast) to sip on some seasonal brews while watching seasonal films.

So again, recommendations are welcome. At this point I am probably just going to start scooping up whatever I can find to have in the 'fridge ready to go - any I should keep an eye out for...?

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