Monday, September 19, 2016

dive right back in.

Hi. So I've been slowly finding my way back to the genre after an extended hiatus, brought about by a combination of (too real) real life stuff and just generally being fed up with bad horror movie after bad horror movie...

It's pretty depressing in itself when you can't watch your once favourite type of film due to feeling too crappy... and when you do feel good enough to take the plunge, they almost always turn out to be stupendously disappointing.

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Apart from You're Next. That one I liked.

BUT, I miss it. And I miss writing about it! So with the spooky season upon us I wanted to set myself a little challenge. I'm going to watch at least one horror movie a day throughout October AND I'm going to write about every. single. one.

It may be a proper review... it may be a version of "live-tweeting" the movie as I watch it... it might be somewhere in between those two. Or something else. I don't want to limit myself or promise anything too lofty or specific, because this is really just an exercise in getting back into the swing of horror blogging.

I'm excited about it, which in itself is pretty thrilling!

So I've been working on the list, because I must have films in the barrel ready to go, or else I'll fall prey to the first world Netflix problem of taking longer to choose a film than watch it. So...

Does anyone have any recommendations? 

I've already filled a lot of the slots with movies I've had on my "To Watch" list for a while, so I'm excited to finally have a reason to get through those. The rest are some I've been wanting to re-watch for a while but have held off with this in mind. This leaves space for a few suggestions! (ideally something I can find on US Netflix or Showtime streaming).

This is subject to change, but here we go, so far:

October 1st - Holidays
October 2nd - The Babadook
October 3rd - Stung
October 4th - Housebound 
October 5th - Creep
October 6th - The Dark Hours 
October 7th - The Final Girls
October 8th - Hatchet
October 9th - Honeymoon
October 10th - Mr. Jones
October 11th - Dead Set (eps 1-3) 
October 12th - It Follows
October 13th - Night Breed (fell asleep, oops)
October 14th - The Facility
October 15th - The Pact
October 16th - Trollhunter
October 17th - Bound to Vengeance
October 18th - Creepshow
October 19th - Scream 2
October 20th - Final Destination 3
October 21st - Halloween: The Curse of Michael MyersHalloween IIHalloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
October 22nd - 
October 23rd - 
October 24th - Starry Eyes 
October 25th - Hush
October 26th - Black Mirror s:3 e:1We Are Still Here   
October 27th - The Houses October Built
October 28th - Black Mirror s:3 e:228 Days Later
October 29th - 28 Weeks Later, ZombielandHalloween H20: 20 Years Later
October 30th - The Thing, The Neon DemonTrick 'r TreatDawn of the Dead (2007)
October 31st! - Halloween: Resurrection

He Never Died
House of Good and Evil 
The Awakening
Tales of Halloween
Halloween (1978) & Halloween (2007) 


  1. I know what you mean about being put off by crappy horrors. There's nothing worse than settling in only to find you've downloaded an absolute turd!

    I'd recommend The Visit and Tales of Halloween.

    Katie xoxo

  2. And sooo many of them in a row just crushes my spirit to keep looking!

    The Visit is ace! Not heard of Tales of Halloween - will check it out, thank you! xx

  3. If you don't want to be disappointed... If skip 28 Weeks Later. As a huge fan of 28 Days, I absolutely haaaaated Weeks. Just a word of warning! That said, I'm totally stealing a bunch of movies off your list for my own movie marathon :)

  4. I think your opinion on that is pretty common, haha, but I really like Weeks. It's no Days, I admit, but I still really enjoy it. I think it's partly because of the "desolate" London thing. Having lived there so long, I love a film that shows it post-apocalypse! This is one of the few days on my list where I know and own both films, so I'm just going to sit and indulge for this one.

    Let me know which ones you pick and we can compare notes in October ��