Tuesday, February 23, 2010

please bury me in this dress, thanks.

The opening credit sequence of Ginger Snaps blew my mind the first time I saw it.

I wasn't expecting anything so brutal - not so soon into the film, anyway. It remains one of my favourite film intros.


  1. It's been ageeeeeeeees since I saw Ginger Snaps, maybe I'll dig out the DVD after dinner *nods*

    Oh and hey, I finally started a new film blog: I figured it made sense to get back to blogging about something other than Vogue :/

    Obviously you want to become my first follower :P

    Also also, we should hang out like teh kool kids sometime soon *nod* Later gator!

  2. I am following you. So to speak.

    Ah man you did the FG film club! Niiice. I was a loser and didn't play this time :(

    We should definitely meet up again soon, I agree most heartily.

  3. Too true, the opening title sequence for Ginger snaps is brilliant, definitely one of my favourite werewolf films. :-)