Tuesday, September 18, 2018

31 days of horror: October 2018

This year's list! I started not knowing what to add to it, and have ended it with a tonne of extra choices. As ever, I'll no doubt shuffle, replace and update as mood and availability allow - and I'll attempt to review most of them throughout the month 💀

I think it's a nice mix of films I'm curious/actively excited about, ones that have languished on my list forever, and classics...

October 1st (Mon) - The Cabin In The Woods
October 2nd (Tue) - Hounds of LoveSorority Row
October 3rd (Wed) - Masters of Horror: The Damned Thing
October 4th (Thur) Verónica
October 5th (Fri) - [night off]
October 6th (Sat) - As Above/So Below
October 7th (Sun) - Masters of Horror: FamilyThe Conjuring
October 8th (Mon) - The Faculty
October 9th (Tue) - Creature from the Black Lagoon (big screen 3D)
October 10th (Wed) - Friday the 13th (big screen)
October 11th (Thur) - Let Us Prey
October 12th (my birthday!) - Upgrade
October 13th (Sat) - Stir of Echoes
October 15th (Mon)Hell House LLC
October 16th (Tue) - Ruin Me
October 17th (Wed) The Devil's Candy
October 18th (Thur) The Witch in the Window
October 19th (Fri) Halloween (1978)
October 20th (Sat) Halloween (2018)
October 21st (Sun) - Creep / Black Death (Christopher Smith double bill)
October 22nd (Mon) Willow Creek
October 23rd (Tue) - Doom
October 24th (Wed) - Incident In A Ghostland
October 25th (Thur) - Frontier(s)
October 26th (Fri) - The Devil's Advocate
October 27th (Sat) - Queen of the Damned
October 28th (Sun)Southbound / Summer of 84 / You're Next
October 29th (Mon) Trick 'r Treat
October 30th (Tue) Dog Soldiers
October 31st (Wed) - Would You RatherHalloween H20: 20 Years LaterHalloween: Resurrection

Substitute bench:
Halloween II (2009)
Digging Up The Marrow
Beyond The Black Rainbow
The First Purge
Little Deaths
The Interior
The Wailing
Ravenous (Les affamés) (2017)
Prom Night
The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh
The Eyes Of My Mother
The VVitch
Dawn of the Dead / Day of the Dead
Horror/horror movie themed documentaries (suggestions welcome)

If you're on Letterboxd, then you can see the pretty but-not-ordered version (and feel free to add me on there, too!) - letterboxd.com/relaxcupcake/watchlist

Roll on October! 


  1. It's such an excellent traditional watch! We still need to work on those costumes...