Friday, July 23, 2010

not really a review of Jennifer's Body.

Y'know some people have motivational pictures on the refrigerator, to help them lose weight?

I might put this on mine.

Jennifer's Body has highlighted to me how sick I am of being an armchair critic. Whilst watching I began to feel angry that this film wasn't more - that too many films aren't more. But this anger never really goes anywhere constructive. If I manage to wring a review out of it I'm lucky; more often than not, though, I'm just frustrated and inarticulate about it all.

I think it might be time for a different approach.


  1. You really should set about writing your own film. You know your genre, and you know enough people that would fall over to help you with such a venture.
    As for your reviews, I like them, and as mentioned before you'll often leave me wanting to go back and watch films again because of something you've pointed out

  2. As ever Steve, you're too kind. Or, just kind enough ;) Thank you. Hopefully I'll emerge out of this bullshit wobbly phase and start doing something.

  3. So, what did you not like about it and was there anything that was decent about it? Is it worth a watch? :S

  4. It was decently acted, and looked pretty much beautiful; the lighting of it and such. It might be worth hopping on over the Final Girl and having a look at what she had to say?

    She makes a good point about it being stuck somewhere aggravatingly in between horror and comedy-horror and teen film.

    The story itself is fine, the dialogue is mostly bearable apart from a couple of classic Cody lines that made me want to die cringing. But it IS definitely watchable - I just expected more.