Saturday, March 27, 2010

[Rec] 2 release.

I've just found out that [Rec] 2 is set to hit cinemas over here in May, with the States trailing behind with a July '10 theatrical release.

[Rec] directors Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza are both back for the film, which takes place shortly after the end of the first. It involves a medical officer and SWAT team (with video cameras, of course) entering the same apartment building.

Horror sequels are generally an excitement hit-and-miss affair for me, but I'd be fibbing to you if I said that poster didn't make me uneasy. There is definitely something about the inclusion of eyes in horror that increases the creep factor tenfold.

Check this screen cap out, too.

Yeah, preeeeetty sure I won't be watching this one alone...


  1. *coughitsbeenonlineforamonthcough*

  2. From the trailer, I gather it's Aliens with Zombies.

  3. Have you seen the first one, and the US remake? I hear they randomly introduced rats into it?!

  4. I like the first a lot, never saw the remake though.

    I also just listened to the Mondo Movie review of Rec 2 and my excitement for it has BLOWN through the roof!

  5. Jeeesus I need to get listening to that! You've only recommended it a billion times...