Sunday, January 31, 2010

for your consideration.

To cleanse my palate after that last post, I'm gonna take this opportunity to mention that I have been nominated in Bloody Disgusting's Horror Blogger Awards.

Still a little shocked from this news to be honest. I've yet to sit down and go through the list, but the sheer fact that I am in the company of Final Girl makes me all puffed up with pride. I started zombie cupcake back in '08, inspired by that very blog; so now to be on a list alongside her is quite something (to me, anyway).

So yeah. Go and have a looky at the list and vote if it pleases you. Not necessarily for this one, even, if you think someone else deserves it more. I'm happy just to have been invited to the party, I don't have to be jumping out of the cake too.

Oh and I also want to say thanks to anyone who has found this blog via Bloody Disgusting, and has liked it/decided to follow it. Welcome!


  1. If I still had a horror blog I'd make you all vote for me, but I don't. So vote for Jo or I'll WHOOP YO ASSES GOOD! :P

    Heh, really glad you're on the list :D Do you know who nominated you though? Because when I found it the thing had been up for a good week or so I think.

    Maybe you weren't nominated, of course, and you're just speading like a (good oozy splatter filled) virus across the community already! xx

  2. I have no idea who nominated me! :O

    It's also amusing that I wasn't even 'officially' notified of being on the list. Love that I found out through you! It was news to me I tells ya.


  3. My Zombie Loves Your Blog...

  4. very good blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia
    thany you