Wednesday, June 25, 2008

tune in, turn on, drop dead.

Oh man, loving the Rue Morgue website makeover. They've added lots of brilliantly illustrated B-movie inspired touches, like eyeballs on stalks, disembodied Franken-hands and wolfmen... ♥!

I think my whole obsession with America and Americana is going to slowly hone itself into an obsession with 50s/60s America B-movie and drive-in theatre culture. I'm sure I have an unrealistic and ill-informed view of all this stuff, but nonetheless it fascinates me and I simply bloody adore the aesthetic of it.


  1. HOORAY! A new blog for me to read. I love the layout, the photo of the cupcake reminds me of how yummy they were.
    I'm obsessed with the whole 50s/60s setting in films too, Shia as Mutt in Indiana Jones just awoke the dormant passion! We simply MUST watch Fido, and have that greaser night sometime too!
    I get scared very easily and yet love horror films, it's stange isn't it? I look forward to reading many more entries! xxxx

  2. Hello you! We could have a B-movie night too maybe?! With 'The Blob' and other such drive-in delights! I watched a Cribs episode the other day and Joey Fatone from Backstreet Boys has his own person drive-in theatre in his garden. Bastard!
    The adrenaline rush from the fear is kind of addictive, I think... It's the whole rollercoaster "I like this! / I don't like this!" thing.